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Scented Wood Visor Car Freshener

Beard Balm
Dereck Taplin

Love it! The only product I use for my beard, mustache and bald head 💯

Beard Oil
Always the best

I have been using the beard oil for a few years now and love it. My wife loves it.

Waxed canvas apron
Isaac Price
Great quality

It's a little shorter than I wanted it to be (I'm 6ft for reference) but still great quality. It's stuffed with wax but not over stuffed so with some time it'll break in very well and look amazing

Safety Razor
Brent Vanderlaan
I love this razor!

I replaced my merker razor that I had for over 15 years with this one. Somehow, this razor doesn't give me razor bumps. I love it already. I hope to use it for the next 15 years and will buy my son's the same razor. Thank you for making a great razor.

Smells great

Long lasting and my car smells amazing!

Beard Trimming Shears
Robert Kirkwood

Great quality. Very sharp and perfectsize. Case is very nice as well.


This is the most real fragrance I’ve ever used in my car It’s definitely top of the line . I’ll never use anything else

Pretty nice Product

I'm liking the product more day after day. I didn't like the purchase procedure. I didn't see anywhere that it was a subscription. i wanted to try them first. I specifically didn't get a competitor freshener because it was subscription only. I don't like that sneakiness.

Best scent yet!

This is by far the best one yet!

Always Great

Roosevelt Supply is my go-to for beard shower care products. Quality products shipped quickly? Can't beat that!

Quick delivery, great product!

Great Scent

Cedar block smells awesome. 4 stars because I hoped the smell would be a little stronger.


Got this for a new (to me) car and love it so far. Looking forward to trying the other scents.

Rocky Mountain

I bought this product for my husband’s new Tacoma! He was so excited and loved the scent. We put it in the truck immediately and the smell has lasted several weeks now. Looks classy and clean.

Muir Woods Candle
Kay Murphy
Muir Woods candle

After visiting Muir Woods, I discovered The Roosevelts Candle Co. Their Muir Woods scented candle is the closest thing I have found to being in those woods. Great quality and soothing, calming scent.

Garnd Teton is AWESOME

Purchased this for myself after my company sent us one as a Christmas gift - my son, home from the Navy - took it and got on a plane and went back to NUKE School. Says the smell works wonders for the Naval Locker Room.!
Will be ordering more!

Beard Trimming Shears
George Goeschel
Great Sheers

Very satisfied. Nice feel, well-balanced in the hand. Allows for precise trimming. Really very pleased.

Smells like an actual forest

I bought this car air freshener for my husband's stocking this Christmas. He put it in his truck and now it smells like the actual redwood forest in there. I highly recommend this air freshener!!


I ordered i think 5 different pieces and Christmas could be used year round but i’m really liking it right now!

Great scent, wish it lasted longer

The scents are amazing just wish they were a little stronger. I’d say buy a scent you know you like and use one on each sun visor.

Nice fragrance for the Car

love the natural wood freshener and the holder i drive a Mini Cooper and keeps the car smelling nice and not to strong compared with the other brands i always have to take out because they smell way too strong

Fantastic smell, but issues with candle

I’ve purchased this candle before, the scent is great and the overall quality has always been good, but this latest candle had quality issues - burned very unevenly and there seems to be some problem with the wick, it will no longer light. Only got a little use out of it unfortunately.

Very impressed!

I have not opened the air freshener yet because it's a Christmas gift, but I have complete faith that it will be wonderful! I had a shipping issue, I contacted the company thinking I'd hear back in a few days, but I heard back within MINUTES. They completely took care of my issue and made sure my item would arrive on time. It was the best customer service experience, and I will definitely be ordering again.

Not bad...

Some have said it's too strong. I think it's ok. The clip doesn't fit my Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit's visor without causing potential damage so not sure I'll keep the subscription as I have no other option as to where to put the wood scent block.