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Beard Oil
Alandra Collins
Great product!

Wonderful product with a scent that's not overwhelming! It was a great gift for my partner!

Wood Visor Clip Too Small (Denali)

The metal visor clip is too rigid and I could not expand the clip wide enough to attach it to the visor in my 2021 RAV4. I attempted to stretch the top metal part to accommodate it but the edges were scratching and marking up my visor, so I just placed it in the cup holder. I personally was not a fan of the Denali scent because I found it smelled more like a musky cologne or aftershave, and not so much of what I expected the earthy notes of teakwood or leather. I’m going to try out the Grand Teton scent next.

Purifying Face Wash
Philip Evans
Face Oil

Great product, doesn't leave an oily film, highly recommend....

no response from customer service

customer service hasnt been responsive

Rejuvenating Face Oil
Corrina Herda
Awesome Product!

My husband loves all their facial products! We love to buy in bulk, so he never runs out!

Sulfate Free Shampoo
Rhonda Lamoureux
Hair Feels Clean with Sulfate Free Shampoo

Just started using the Sulfate Free Shampoo and my hair really feels clean.


Smells great! Doesn’t smell like chemicals like other brands do. Also, it’s not to strong so it’s not overbearing.

Beard Conditioner
Michael Kruzewski
Love the unscented but it is always out of stock.

I love not having to smell the smell of an over cologned teenage boy all day under my nose…but the unscented is always out of stock.

Great product, fast delivery!

I love this product!

Love this conditioner!!

This conditioner adds the perfect amount of moisture to my hair. I have thin, fine hair which gets greasy easily. I use this 3-4 times per week and my hair is soft and not greasy at all. I am also a swimmer and this helps prevent my hair from feeling dried out and straw like.


I love that every time I get into my car it smells as fresh as the woods around my house. I'm glad I elected to sign up for the subscription option.

Scented Wood Visor freshner

Love the scent. It's exactly what i was looking for. Thanks

Nice Scent

The scent of this block is nice but it's a bit overpowering. The metal clip does not fit our visor. We could have probably stretched the metal, but straight out of the bag, the scent was strong so we placed the block inside of our center console. It's very nice in there and still fills the car. When the scent begins to dissipate I'll revisit stretching the clip. I do think the clip needs to be wider to accommodate a thicker visor.

Too long of straws

My husband loves the beard shampoo and conditioner and I love the smell of his beard. The only issue is that the straws for the pump were too long. My husband had to cut the straws down the size at the part where it was bent with both bottles. This could have just been a bad batch of bottles, but I thought I would mention it.

Minimal Scent

The quality is spot on! However the scents could be stronger.

Beard Combs
S Smith
Your service is the best ever!

The beard comb was perfect for my gift to the beardee! But I was
so impressed by your packaging for sending that I included that in his
entire present. It was beautiful..and for a $10 comb..special!!
Thank you. I will order again in the furure.

Smells great

Love the smell, smells like no other car air freshener. Only issue is the visor clip won’t attach to today’s thick car sun visors. I had to clip it to the rear seat pocket on the passenger front seat. The piece of wood has a magnet in it so you don’t need the clip if you have somewhere you can affix it to under the dash. It comes in a sealed plastic bag that’s infused with the oil scent. Where gloves if you don’t want your fingers smelling like the scent all day. I didn’t mind because it smelled really good.

Smells great

I love the smell of it , but the bottle is too small and doesn’t last long at all.

Great quality

Solid construction and very comfortable shave!

Excellent service and product

Excellent service and product

A Purchase For The Next Generation

This is my first purchase from Roosevelt Supply. Great website and smooth purchase and shipment. I love the culture of the company and commitment to our national parks. I bought a toilet kit for my son and my two son in laws. They all love nature and our National Paks. I know they will love the bag and probably hand them down!

Extremely Sharp!

These scissors are amazing! Their so sharp that I nicked my lip and didn’t even know it till it started bleeding. The only thing I’m not a big fan of is that their a bit big, and when I’m trimming my upper lip with precision it can be difficult to be accurate. The quality is outstanding, and they come with their own travel case! If I had a beard the size might not be a problem.

Smells so good

Lasted pretty good for a couple weeks now it’s slowly fading. I love the scent it smells so good.

Love this Conditioner

I love the smell and feel of my hair! I also love the pretty bottle, lol! Thank you for making such a great product!

Literally one of the best smells ever!!