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Love the smell and auto refills!

Beard Balm
Jake Sanders
Great balm!

This balm smells great and leaves my beard looking and feeling great!

Beard Conditioner
John Charlton
Beard conditioner

More convenient than oil , and leaves beard soft and clean feeling


The smell was absolutely amazing I got one for both my friend and I. It was just amazing very well done!

Beard Shampoo
Gary M.

Great beard shampoo, works well and smells nice


Great beard conditioner, smells nice and leaves beard soft

Beard Balm
Gary M.

Great Balm, smells great, breaks done smoothly and leaves my beard soft and manageable

Beard Oil
Gary M.

Great beard oil, smells great and leaves my beard shining and soft

Was great until they got greedy.

I've been ordering the air fresheners on subscription from this company for over 2 years. They used to charge 8 bucks with free shipping. Now they just increased it to $10 plus shipping so 14-15 bucks a month for an air freshener......

Beard Balm
Jesse James
Satisfied customer

Love this beard balm, keeps it neat and smelling great. Also keeps it feeling soft like a conditioner which is great when going to the old ladies clam shop to eat at the buffet! 😉

PS-She loves it too!

Love the scents!!!

We ordered one for each of our vehicles. I love getting in my car, in the morning, and smelling the amazing scents of the mountains.

Love this scent!

I got the Rocky Mountain scent for my husband’s car and he loves it! It really is the best scent ever. I wish I could make my house smell like it!

I like this now But it's a pain to put it in the bag and out of to bag when not using

Beard Oil
Jordan von Tagen
Smells and works great

Highly recommend. My girlfriend chose it based off the smell, and it makes my scruff much softer.

Beard Balm
John Moores
Great Product

This is the best beard balm I have ever bought. My favorite scent is the Acadia and I love that it’s named after National Parks.

He loves it!

I bought some beard products for my son. I purchased the shampoo, conditioner, beard oil and a beard brush for him. He absolutely loves it. I was already buying beard products from Roosevelt Suppy for one of my other sons and now I will be buying for this one. They can grow great looking beards and they look awesome with the Roosevelt Supply Co. beard products.

Great product

Great look and great smell. Have tried 3 different scents and i have not been disappointed. Redwood is my favorite so far.

Faves scents

A friend recently drove my car and she said…your car smells good like you. :)

Beard Combs
Gretchen Courtney
Beard comb

My husband loved the comb!
He said he liked the way “it glided thru his hair”( the very few he has)!😂
Be really it is a beautiful crafted comb. I got it for a stocking stuffer!
Thank you for your beautiful work!

Waxed canvas apron
Diann Snydergreat gift
Great Gift

My son in law picked it out for Christmas present.

Beard Oil
Great Beard Products

My son loves Roosevelt beard products. I stock up for him as gifts for Christmas. He says they help his beard so much and the fragrance is hypnotic. I am going to start buying some for my second son too.

Amazing Fragrances

I was introduced to the car fragrances, when I got into a friends vehicle and it smelled amazing. I had to ask where do I get my own and now I am a faithful customer.

Amazing for oily hair - better than expensive salon brands

I say better than salon brands, but my salon in Nashville actually recommended this to me. I’ve used it for more than a year and looove it. Actually, I am only just now getting my second bottle after a year. I use it 2-3 x/week as a clarifying shampoo and then use my regular shampoo after. It helps so much with oily hair, dandruff, buildup, etc. I can tell a major difference if I don’t use it and just use my regular shampoo - my hair is much greasier. I can’t believe how well this works for the price. Love it!

Leather Keychain
Susan Schachter
Amazing car fragrance that lasts!

I first smelled one of these fragrances a month back when I got into a friends truck, and WOW it was strong and delicious. The fragrance stays fresh for a long time, unlike other air fresheners out there in the market.

Excellent Air Freshener

Looks great and smells awesome. Definitely like the Denali scent. Looking forward to trying others.