Crystal Clear Ice Ball Mold

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Just when you thought things couldn't get any cooler, we roll out our crystal clear ice balls. Made for that bottle of bourbon you've been waiting to open, that special occasion, or because it's been a long day and you deserve it. Slow-melting ice that keeps your cocktail at the perfect temperature and won't dilute your drink.

Our Crystal-Clear Ice Ball Maker creates two perfectly round, crystal-clear 2.4" ice balls. Fully-insulated, slow-freezing method for ice production creates crystal-clear ice spheres. Comes in a nice gift box.

Directions: Fill the reservoir with warm water, insert the silicone molds, top off with more warm water, freeze for 24-30 hrs, and enjoy!

Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 7

Hand wash molds with soap and water. 

Scented Wood Visor Car Freshener

Your vehicle needs to be as comfortable as you would want it throughout your journey. Whether it is a short daily journey to the office or a long one across states, you would want the right freshener in your car. Here at Roosevelt Supply Co., we have a collection of scented wood visor car fresheners ready to be shipped to you whenever you place your order.

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  • Christmas

All you have to do is choose your scent of choice. Be sure that with your purchase, we will be sending you a cedar block to attach to your metal visor every month. Visit our online store and enjoy shopping for the best car perfumes online. Better yet, get them delivered free of charge wherever you are in the US.

Customer Reviews

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Perfectly clear!!

Awesome !!!!

Love It... Makes really cool clear ice balls for drinks

Love this product... I would like to see rubber molds with different shapes (diamond, square, etc) as an add-on, that would be real nice.

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