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Why you need beard oil

What is beard oil? How do I use it? Why should I use it? Does it actually work? Let us help you with some of these questions.

Most guys keep their grooming and maintenance routine as simple as possible. We're rough, dirty, meat eating, heavy lifting, hard working dudes that don't have the time or need to take forever getting ready. We get that, but this little extra step of applying beard oil is fast, easy, and goes a LONG way in keeping your beard healthy, soft, and smelling great. And who doesn't like a great smelling, soft beard, amiright ladies?!

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is generally made up of two components; carrier oils (the base) and essential or fragrance oils (scent). Carrier oils, like Argan, Jojoba, Almond, Apricot, Hemp, Grapeseed, etc, comprise the majority of the beard oil. Carrier oils have different properties and benefits, and combining them in the right way yields amazing results. Jojoba is very similar to your skin's natural oil, while argan is a great moisturizer for hair. Some are more oily or slick while others have more of a shine to them. Getting the right mix for our beard oils has been a fun, yet time consuming undertaking as we were very particular about how it looks, feels, and absorbs into hair. Some oils, like almond oil, come from almonds (duh), so be careful if you have nut allergies!

The essential oils and fragrance oils make up the scent portion. Essential oils have different therapeutic or healing properties, and are usually quite strong on their own. Fragrance oils are a blend of oils to create a certain scent. Be careful here, as some fragrance oils use alcohol which isn't good for your hair. 

Why should I use beard oil?

Because no one like a dry, itchy, dandruff chalked beard. Seriously, no one. The reason your beard itches after the first few weeks of growth is because the skin beneath your beard has been neglected and is drying out. That's what creates "beardruff" and the itchiness. Regular care and use of beard oil should knock that out pretty quickly, leaving you happy, itch free, and flake free.

How do I apply beard oil?

As far as the application, we recommend using a dime-sized amount of oil, but the amount really depends on how much of a beard you are working with. Rub the oil between your hands, then distribute to your beard and work it in really well. You want to get down to the skin, as that's what will help prevent the itchy, dry beards. We recommend using a good handmade comb or beard brush to evenly distribute the oil and keep your beard looking its best. Use beard oil daily, after showering while your beard is still a little damp for best results.

Does it really work?

Yep! Depending on what's in the beard oil (not all are created equal), you can expect to see results within a few days of regular use. You'll start to notice a softer, fuller looking beard as well as a better smelling one. It will also help prevent split ends, which leads to longer, fuller beards. 

Does it make my patchy spots grow?

Nope. Sorry guys, there's not a beard oil out there for that. I've seen a lot of products that claim hair/beard growth, but they're usually chalked full of cheap ingredients with great marketing budgets. Now, I have seen guys who started using beard oil and balm and their hair looks healthier, which might help the appearance, but doesn't actually help growth to those areas. Genetics are a bitch sometimes, but rock what you're working with!

Final thoughts:

If you've never tried beard oil, I highly recommend it. I was skeptical at first until my sister bought me some years ago until I started using it regularly. Total game changer!

Be sure to check ingredients to make sure it's safe for you to use and to ensure you're putting the best stuff possible in your beard. 

Check out our full line of oils HERE; each made by hand in Nashville, Tennessee with the best ingredients around. 

I'd love to hear your feedback. If you have questions or want to know more, drop me a line!


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