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What is beard balm?

Ever have those unruly hairs that just won't stay in place, no matter how hard you try? We all get them and as you grow out your beard, you'll find more and more. Enter beard balm!

Think of beard balm as a pomade you'd use in your hair to keep it in place, except it's actually nourishing for your beard. I realize that if you don't use pomade you won't get that reference. It's a slightly waxy, buttery paste that is used to help shape your beard and hold it in place better than an oil can. 

Our beard balm has many similar qualities as beard oil but with the added benefit of butters and beeswax. We keep the jojoba and argan oil and add shea butter and beeswax which helps tame the frizzy and wiry hairs. The jojoba and argan oil are very nourishing for your hair and keeping your beard healthy, while the shea butter and beeswax help condition and hold your beard in place. Our balms have a much lower ratio of beeswax than you’d find in mustache wax, so the hold is much lighter. 

I've tried various balms and they're all a little different, so explore your options. Some are heavy on the beeswax, others are heavy on the butters and more creamy. We try to keep ours light as we don't like that oily or waxy feeling you get when you stroke your beard; which we do way too often throughout the day haha!

I highly recommend beard balm to those with longer beards. Once it gets past an inch or two, I'd start adding beard balm to your daily regimen. It makes a huge difference in the appearance, shape, and feel of your beard. I'm really digging our Acadia balms right now.  

Check out our line of beard balms HERE. As always, I'd love to hear your feedback!

- Jason 

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