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Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm

“Should I use beard oil or beard balm?” We get this question all the time, so hopefully we can help point you in the right direction!

For a refresher on the benefits of each, see our blog post on all things beard oil HERE and all things beard balm HERE.

Everyone's beard is different, which is what makes this decision so hard for a lot of guys. As your beard grows, you might need different products to do the job. 

We recommend beard oil for shorter to medium length beards. Use it daily after showering while your beard is still damp. It will help keep your skin healthy and moisturized and stop the itch or dandruff that comes from growing your beard out. I'm really digging our Yosemite and Acadia beard oils right now, but girls always lean towards Grand Teton for their men. Pay attention guys!!

Beard balm works better on medium and longer length beards. Shorter beards typically don’t need the beeswax to keep the hair in place and don't have the issue of split ends. If your beard is less than an inch in length, I'd stick with the beard oil for now. Same rules apply as the oil; use after showering and work it throughout your beard. This will help tame the frizzy, wiry hairs and keep your hair strong as it grows out. I've been switching between our Acadia and Grand Teton balms.

Some people like using both oil and balm, starting with the oil and finishing with the balm. If you do this, use a little bit less of each product as both go a long way.

Hopefully this helps and let us know which one you prefer!

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