Beard Combs


Beard combs are handmade from cellulose acetate, not cheap plastic like most combs. Individually cut from sheets, each comb is shaped, polished, and shined with a pumice stone to ensure each tooth glides through your hair, reducing split ends and breakage. Not only does it feel great on your face, your beard will look better than ever!

Each comb features coarse and fine toothed combing options. We added a gold foil stamp logo that matches our gold accented beard trimming scissors. This is the perfect comb for beards and also works well for other hair grooming needs. 

Small comb: 73mm (2.87") 

Medium comb: 112mm (4.4")

Large comb: 170mm (6.7")

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Santa Kelly McKenna
World’s Greatest Beard Comb

I have searched long and far for a good beard comb. Look no further as this is absolutely the best beard comb bar none that I have finally discovered. Thank you!!!!

victor caceres
The comb that I needed.

This comb made such an impression that I ordered a second comb. One for home and the other in my backpack.

Andrew Odom
Smooth and no pulling

Great combs that glide through and don't pull hair or catch on jagged edges

Great Beard Buster

Super happy with the comb! I use it all day, every day. Highly recommended.

Ryan Burgess
Highest of quality

Previously I was using a Kent comb prior to purchasing my Roosevelt Supply Co. large beard comb. All I can say now it that my Kent is now retired and my Roosevelt is the new daily driver.