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5 Steps to a Better Beard

We've received a ton of requests for grooming tips, so we put together our Top 5 tips for growing and maintaining better facial hair:

1. Let it grow!

It's not easy, but you have to give your hair some time to grow. Most guys want that perfect beard or mustache, but in order to get the length and fullness, you have to let it grow. Sure it might look awkward or patchy or thin for a few weeks, but once it fills in and you have enough to work with, it will be glorious. Trust us, let it grow before you start trimming and cutting.

2. Keep it clean

No one likes a dirty or smelly beard and with so many products available, you shouldn't have to worry about it. Use a good beard wash or conditioner every few days to clean your beard from the dirt, grime and sweat that accumulates each day. We recommend our sulfate and paraben free beard washes:

Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

3. Use product daily

Whether you're just starting out or you've been growing a beard for years, using product regularly goes a long way in keeping your beard soft, clean, and healthy. Beard oil helps condition the hair and skin to cut down on beard dandruff and split ends. Beard balm has some of the same properties while also adding a little hold to help shape longer beards. Using high quality products works wonders and keeps you looking your best!

4. Invest in your tools

A good beard comb or brush and a sharp pair of scissors takes beard care to the next level! We're not talking about the cheap, plastic combs you find at a drug store. We're talking about hand-polished combs made from cellulose acetate that help reduce frizz and tangles, while providing a soothing feeling against your skin with every brush. I carry the pocket comb daily and can't stop using it... seriously, it feels amazing!

A quality pair of shears doesn't have to cost you a fortune and makes trimming a breeze. Look for a pair of Japanese steel shears with a hardness rating of at least 55 HRC. Ours are under TSA regulation length for travel and are super sharp, making each trim effortless.

Beard Scissors

5. Less is more

Too often guys get in the habit of trimming a little bit here, a little bit there, maybe one more here, and next thing you know, your beard is gone. It's easy to overdo it. I've made MANY mistakes trying to get the right length and then realizing I've gone too far. Make sure to only groom your beard when it's dry, as wet hair has a different length and fullness than dry hair. Making fewer cuts goes a long way, as you can always come back and adjust a bit if needed. Cut too much and you're stuck waiting a few weeks/months for it to grow back. 

Hopefully this helps lay a foundation towards a healthy, full beard. As always, feel free to reach out with comments or questions as I love the feedback. 

Stay bearded!

- Jason

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