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Jackson Hole = Heaven

We had the privilege of playing a radio show for KMTN 96.9 The Mountain in one of my favorite places, Jackson Hole, WY this past spring and decided to stick around an extra day to explore. I had been to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton before while on vacation with my family, so I was somewhat familiar with the area. The rest of the band had never been, so it was really exciting to show everyone around. JH is one of my favorite towns as it's tucked into an amazing mountain range, on the edge of the country's largest elk reserve, and everyone is super friendly and into the outdoors. The rafting, skiing, camping, etc is amazing and the town is really fun.

Cafe Genevieve is a must for brunch, Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is a great place to catch a show and grab a drink on a saddle, and Snake River Brewery is a great local brewery with good food and even better beer. 

We were lucky enough to get ski passes the last day of ski season, which was INSANE! They throw a huge party at the base of the mountain and everyone dresses up in the most ridiculous costumes you can imagine; it was wild. Our debut album was released just after this trip and James and I took a picture at the top of the mountain holding our album. It was definitely a special moment.

If you ever get the chance, go visit Jackson Hole and while you're out there, stop into Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. The hiking and views are unparalleled and will definitely make you appreciate the awesome power of nature!


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