Ultimate Cocktail Glass Candle gift set

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Looking for the ultimate gift for your dad, brother or son-in-law? Maybe you're shopping for a girl who likes whiskey on the rocks, candles and high class ice (yeah it's a thing). Whoever you're shopping for, we have you covered. 

Choose two cocktail candle scents and pair it with a double, crystal clear ice ball mold set.

The clear ice design uses directional freezing to eliminate air bubbles and impurities, allowing you to make two 2.3" clear ice spheres per batch. The large, slow melting spheres keep whiskey, tequila and mixed drinks colder longer, and with less dilution. Molds made with food grade, BPA free silicon.

Scent profile:

Olympic:Moss, cypress, citrus & sandalwood

Redwood: Cashmere, leather, oud & cedar

Shenandoah: Tobacco, vanilla, cedar & amber

Our double-wicked cocktail candles come in a reusable, 12 oz rocks glass. Once you're done with the candle, repurpose the glass for your favorite cocktail. Simply put the glass in the freezer for 12 hours and the remaining wax should pop right out. Wash thoroughly and enjoy! We'll even include some of our favorite drink recipes with each order. 


Each candle includes a box of matches and a wooden lid. 

Hand poured in Nashville. We recommend hand washing the glasses and molds.

*We expect these to ship to customers by mid-late June. Payment for pre-orders will be processed when purchased. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Scented Wood Visor Car Freshener

Your vehicle needs to be as comfortable as you would want it throughout your journey. Whether it is a short daily journey to the office or a long one across states, you would want the right freshener in your car. Here at Roosevelt Supply Co., we have a collection of scented wood visor car fresheners ready to be shipped to you whenever you place your order.

If you prefer a car freshener made from sustainably sourced cedarwood, then we have your back. You can find the best car air freshener online only at Roosevelt Supply Co., and keep an incredible smelling scent in your vehicle. You also get to keep all harmful chemicals and bad odor away.

Buy fragrances, including:

  • Grand Teton
  • Muir Woods
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Zion
  • White Sands
  • Redwood
  • Christmas

All you have to do is choose your scent of choice. Be sure that with your purchase, we will be sending you a cedar block to attach to your metal visor every month. Visit our online store and enjoy shopping for the best car perfumes online. Better yet, get them delivered free of charge wherever you are in the US.

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